The Story Begins
The game’s narrative takes place in ancient times, in the realm of Manohorg where civilizations were in conflict, trying to conquer other nations to become the strongest empire. Through hundreds of years bathing in war, many heroes rise and fall, leading their armies to glorious victories or, unfortunately, crushing defeats. However, humankind is not the original master of Manohorg. From the beginning of days, the Burning Demons, led by Malekinos - Emperor of the Darkest Flame ruled this world. Human, dragons and every other races were all their slaves. That time, the citizens of Manohorg were living in evil days as there was only despair, pain and destruction.
Until a thousand years ago, a group of heroes rose against the Emperor, they formed a massive army, combining every force around the realm, from humans, elves, dragons to magical beasts to fight the Burning Demons. The war was costly for both sides. Eventually, the Demons and the Emperor were pushed back into the Abyssal Realm - a dead ancient world connected to Manohorg through a magical portal. The portal was shut down and the demons were finally sealed under the Great Northern Sea.
The world thought it was the time to wipe out the Burning Demons from memory for eternity. However, the Archmages of Manohorg told the Heroes that the seal which banished Malekinos and the Burning Demons cannot be held forever. Their power could only protect the seal for 1000 years. In order to warn humankind in the future, the Archmages carved the Dark Prophecy which heralds the return of the Burning Demons and the Emperor of the Darkest Flame on a large stone placed on the seal.
Sadly, the remaining Heroes were blindfolded before ultimate power and luxurious wealth. Totally forgetting how many lives they had to sacrifice to achieve this fragile peace, they battled themselves to gain control of the land. The realm of Manohorg eventually was divided into 6 kingdoms, each was under the rule of a Landlord. War continued until 300 years ago, the One True King named Ludric united every kingdom under his banner and claimed himself Emperor of the Blessing Light. Other 6 landlords all bowed before their new conqueror.
Standing as one, united, the humankind thought they were ready for the Dark Prophecy. Unfortunately, after 37 years of living in peace, Ludric was assassinated. The Emperor’s bodyguards found his body in the throne room, full of traces which led to an unknown poisonous magic. The Paladins were gathered and started to hunt down the assassin. The hunt however was stopped shortly after as rulers of six kingdoms once again turned on each other, waged war constantly across the realm, instead of preparing for their sole enemy - The Burning Demons. Each kingdom has been slowly weakened by warring states. Citizens were killed, towns were burned to ashes and numerous warriors fell. But no one seems to remember the Dark Prophecy as the day the demons come is almost here.
The game takes place in 998 years after the day Malekinos was banished from the land. The 6 kingdoms also underwent many bureaucratic and military reforms in order to strengthen their positions. However, there must be an ultimate ruler who could unite the 6 Kingdoms under one banner, lead the world of Manohorg against the Emperor of the Darkest Flame and his armies. Will the 6 powerful Landlords bow before their new master? Will they be ready to put aside their differences and unite to defeat the demons? It’s totally up to you.
But beware, the unanswered questions still remain. Who assassinated Ludric? What purpose he may serve? What kind of magic was able to kill the most powerful King in history? We can only find out if we play the game!
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