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    What platform is Empireland built on?
  • Empireland is built on Fantom Chain. We decided to release the game on Fantom because this is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in blockchain world. Cheap gas fee, undeniable transaction speed and perfect support from Fantom Foundation are the reasons why we think Fantom chain is the best chain for blockchain game.
2. What is Empireland?
  • Empireland is a Strategy Guessing Game built on Fantom Chain, added with RPG and MOBA elements. The main task of the game is to organize your armies, starting with unique Heroes to conquer the enemies to earn rewards, both in PvE or PvP mode. PvP Gameplay is similar to Battleship series, yet is innovated to another level to make the game not only fun to play but also skill required. The economy of the game will be around NFT collections and tournaments.
  • Empireland is not only a casual, easy-to-play game for everyone but also tactical thinking required. Our goal in 2 years is to make the game as popular as TFTactics and AutoChess in Blockchain world.
3. How many Heroes are there in the collection? How to distinguish their rarity?
  • The Unique Heroes in Empireland will be limited to 10,000. Each hero generated will be unique and ranked based on the rarity of their traits as below: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Mythic
4. When to open sales event?
  • In March 2022
5. How to receive giveaways or pre-sale slots?
  • By join in the promote collection or support discord community for rewards
6. How much is the hero nft?
  • 40$ in FTM for pre-sale & 80$ for public sale
7. Where do we sell the collection?
  • On Empireland official website. Besides, we have a plan to sell heroes collection on the launchpad of our special partner
8. The collection sales event will happen for how long?
  • Not longer than one month
9. What happens to those heroes which cannot be sold within that 1 month of the sales event?
  • They will all be burnt
10. What can I do with Heroes?
  • You must have at least 1 Hero in your Inventory in order to complete daily PvE missions to earn rewards
11. Do we release another batch of NFT when the game released?
  • Yes, but it will be not a unique collection anymore
12. What is the difference of the heroes being sold?
  • Only heroes from the collection will be traded on 2nd NFT exchange. They are unique in terms of design, plots and skills. Anyone who owns heroes from the collection will have a chance to win a token whitelist slot
  • Heroes sold from the next box sales event will have higher prices and no more unique
13. Do we limit the numbers of NFT sold later?
  • Yes, NFT supply depends on player's need. We will announce later. The revenue from Heroes sales will be contributed to treasure DAO accordingly to the smart contract policy. The players and Gameguild will decide how to spend the money effectively.
14. When will the game main-net release?
  • Early quarter 3. Beta to be released in May
15. How to enter beta testing?
  • Early supporters will be considered to enter beta testing
16. What are the roles and benefits in discord?
  • Core team: Those who work full time for the future of EmpireLand
  • Guardians: The ones who keep EmpireLand realm in order and assist the team
  • Servants: The ones that are programmed to serve all citizens and bring prosperity to EmpireLand
  • Heroes: Members who own one or more heroes from Empireland's collection
  • Soldiers: Members who are whitelisted in Empireland's minting event
  • Commoners: Members who are verified into the server
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