Landscape Overview

NFT and play-to-earn games are hot topics these days as it is getting more and more attention from people all over the world. Users are familiar with doing tasks everyday to get their NFTs, farming, staking, to earn tokens passively or playing against the others. However, most of those projects struggle when it comes to creativity, players can only choose from a fixed set of NFT (lands/heroes) to start with and the gameplay is around click-to-earn and playing with luck.
With EmpireLand, we aim to break the limitations by combining the uniqueness of NFTs and tactical thinking to create a true experience of becoming a General in real life.
Players are able to build their own empire by starting with unique Heroes NFTs which are minted from the blockchain. Each hero is generated exclusively from the others, providing players a feeling of being different from the others. We also add Traits (wide variety of weapons and armors) and tier level for Heroes, in order to emphasize RPG elements in the game.
In addition, Empireland has a creative PvP gameplay mechanism which resembles the traditional Battleship game, yet innovates in many ways that no other games on the market did. The game cleverly uses a “rock - paper - scissors” system to create unlimited numbers of playstyle for gamers. Each unit and hero in the game has exclusive skills, directly affecting gameplay.
For example, the Dragon unit at tier 3 has Deep Breath, which allows it to strike diagonally, killing 2 units with 1 strike in some cases. However, they are countered with the Ballista. Even though the Ballista is only a tier 2 unit, it has Piercing Shootability, greatly useful to strike down any dragon. So if the Dragon attacks Ballista, the Dragon loses. However, although possessing powerful damage, due to being immovable (passive), the Ballista cannot run when it fights fast cavalry and then loses miserably.
By creating the sophisticated system, combining Heroes, Soldiers, creative daily quests and highly tactical choices in PvP mode, Empireland will make use of a progressive NFT-based gameplay and integrate it with a blockchain-based decentralized financial system, making the game not only fun but also a great investment for players.
TL;DR: Empireland is a Strategy Guessing Game built on Fantom Chain, added with RPG and MOBA elements. The main task of the game is to organize your armies, starting with unique Heroes to conquer the enemies to earn rewards, both in PvE or PvP mode. PvP Gameplay is similar to Battleship series, yet is innovated to another level to make the game not only fun to play but also skill required. The economy of the game will be around NFT collections and tournaments.
Empireland is not only a casual, easy-to-play game for everyone but also tactical thinking required. Our goal in 2 years is to make the game as popular as TFTactics and AutoChess in the Blockchain world.