What makes Empireland apart from other P2E games?
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    Uniqueness: Heroes Collections are valuable and distinctive NFTs where each hero is generated exclusively, making gamers feel different from the others. If a hero possesses all 7 traits of the same type, they will have a title following their set, such as Paladin, Death Knight. They also have more power compared to others - a feature similar to Equipment set in many RPG games such as World of WarCraft, Diablo…
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    Addictive PvP gameplay: Empireland elevates Battleship gameplay onto another level, adding some simple yet creative features, making PvP battles not only fun but also skill and training required. Each unit in the game has several specific skills which makes them strong in some situations and weak in others. Players need to learn and adapt their armies to make use of those skills in order to win battles.
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    Long journey in PvE mode: Empireland is different from other P2E games as it has its own lore, built from the beginning. PvE mode is the way to enjoy the story, find out the mysteries left behind, as well as collect exclusive rewards. We aim to make Empireland firstly “fun to play” then casually “play to earn”.
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    Interesting diversity of beasts, warriors and dragons alike: Empireland has no limit when it comes to diversity of units. Players can employ dozens of different units in the game, each of them has its own distinctive ability, making them valuable in many situations.
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    Do anything to earn: We aim to break the limitations of click-to-earn games by creating a do-anything-to-earn system. Players can do daily quests to earn tokens, heroes skins in the game then sell them on the marketplace to other players. They also can participate in tournaments to win the glorious prizes or even make 1vs1 battles with other players to claim rewards. In addition, the game implemented a create-to-earn system where users can participate in drawing heroes’ skin contests. The highest voted skins (via DAO system) are integrated into the game and their creators would receive a portion of the sales on marketplace.
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    EmpireDAO: EmpireDAO is a voting system which serves as a governing and advisory center to Empireland’s gaming mechanism, economy and rules. Players are able to delegate to the landlords of their kingdoms. Revenue coming from the game will be transferred to DAO’s treasury, in order to develop the game efficiently.
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